Ashley Grohn

Ashley Grohn

Ashley Grohn is responsible for managing PSC's business across Australia, New Zealand, South-east Asia and the Pacific. He is dedicated to growing PSC’s client base in Asia Pacific by delivering quality outcomes through recruiting and developing engaged employees to serve the needs of our clients across the region.

Ashley has over 26 years’ experience working exclusively in the power industry in Australia, Sub-Saharan Africa, SE Asia, New Zealand, UK and the Middle East. His passion vests in the decarbonization of the planet through electrification and new green energy solutions.

Ashley is an authentic leader with a track record in creating collaborative environments and leading businesses through transformative change.


Specialist skills

  • Strategy design and execution
  • Sense-making complex situations
  • Empathy and listening
  • Creating “followership” (behind a cause)

Ashley Grohn Information

          • Position:
          • Managing Director, Asia Pacific