EMS Consolidation and Upgrade Support


PSC provided engineering expertise and management for a major U.S. electric utility company’s transmission EMS consolidation and upgrade project.


The utility was consolidating the unique Energy Management Systems at each of their operating companies into a dual instance of an OSI EMS. Since the servers, EMS software and much of the communications equipment (including in some cases RTUs) required replacement or upgrade, a significant strategy was needed to accomplish point-to-point testing in the timeframe of the project. In addition, system data and one-line displays had to be moved to the new system.


PSC provided engineering expertise and management for point-to-point testing efforts in support of the client’s EMS consolidation and upgrade project. This included the creation of a point-to-point testing strategy that formed the testing philosophy for the operating companies. PSC worked with each of the six operating companies to identify test prerequisites and develop their test schedules. PSC also developed sample test plans and procedures and then worked with each operating company to schedule these in their individual environments. PSC monitored and reported on the testing status, problem areas, and vendor issue resolution status.

PSC also provided NERC-certified system operators in a staff augmentation role to perform actual point-to-point testing and display checkout for the client’s member companies.


An effort of this scale puts considerable stress on the bandwidth of utilities’ project teams. The testing strategy developed by PSC helped the client optimize the work. PSC worked closely with all member companies to complete the testing strategy, which included running workshops at each operating company site.

The client leveraged PSC’s expertise in system operation for the regional network, which included point-to-point testing as well as review and modification of one-line displays for accuracy.