PSC was the Diamond Sponsor of CIGRÉ Winnipeg 2017, held in Winnipeg, MB, Canada this October. This was a unique event that saw the convergence of three of CIGRÉ study committees – A3 High Voltage Equipment, D1 Materials & Emerging Test Techniques, and B4 HVDC & Power Electronics. This culminated in a joint colloquium,tutorial series, and exhibition that was organized by the Study Committees and hosted by Manitoba Hydro at the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg.

PSC reinforced a commitment to CIGRÉ events around the world in 2017, as a sponsor of the CIGRÉ Conference on the Integration of Distributed Energy Resources (CIDER) in Australia, and at the CIGRÉ Dublin Symposium. This marked the fourth straight year that PSC was a Diamond Sponsor of CIGRÉ Canada.

“PSC is proud to support CIGRÉ in Canada and around the world as it works to evolve the state of the art within our industry both from a product and operations perspective,” said President and CEO Alex Boyd, who was in Winnipeg for the event.

“We at PSC see the research, knowledge sharing, and community fostered by CIGRÉ as vital to the work we do on behalf of our customers.”

Mr. Boyd was joined by PSC Co-Founder Tony Armstrong and several PSC Directors and technical experts:

  • Marc Brunet-Watson – Director, Power Networks
  • Ramesh Hariharan – Senior Power Systems Engineer
  • Brad Railing – Director, HVDC
  • Geoff Love – Principal HVDC Engineer

CIGRÉ events present an opportunity to gain insight about the technical and organizational trends developing in the industry. The role of distributed energy resources and their impact on grid planning and operations was a popular theme. “It was great to see all the attention that distribution networks are getting from transmission network owners and operators,” said Marc Brunet-Watson, Director of Power Networks for PSC.

“They are recognizing the considerable influence that distributed generation and storage is having on the future development and operation of the grid.”

PSC was involved beyond the exhibition hall, attending Working Group presentations on pertinent technical issues.

“PSC is highly involved in providing studies for HVDC /FACTS, so I was very interested in the most recent findings presented by the B4 Working Group,” said Ramesh Hariharan, a Senior Power Systems Studies Engineer for PSC in North America. CIGRÉ Working Groups are composed of international experts who produce technical documents defining best industry practice, many of which form the basis for IEC or IEEE standards. Working Group B4 is responsible for HVDC and Power Electronics. CIGRÉ Session 47 will take place in Paris, France in August, 2018. The biennial sessions are the most highly anticipated and attended CIGRÉ events, hosting participants from more than 93 countries.

Globally, PSC is deeply involved in CIGRÉ, with more than 25 staff in key leadership positions as well as members and contributing authors to various CIGRÉ publications. Our staff hold chairman, convenor and membership positions in several CIGRÉ panels and study committees including:

  • Australian National Committee - Treasurer and Director
  • UK National Committee - Technical Committee Chairman
  • C4 - System Technical Performance - Group Chairman
  • C2 - System Operation and Control
  • B2 - Overhead Lines
  • B4 - HVDC & Power Electronics
  • D2 - Information Systems and Telecommunications - Australian Panel Convenor.

The PSC team at CIGRÉ from L to R: Tony Armstrong, Brad Railing, Geoff Love,
Ramesh Hariharan, Marc Brunet-Watson, Alex Boyd




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