Many of the PSC clients are asking what Tony is up to since the management buyout and the recent governance changes. Tony explains this as being like ‘back to the future’. 

“I am extremely proud of PSC and the fact that Ranil and I started with an idea almost 23 years ago and today PSC is a small multi-national consultancy employing 160 staff, and even more proud that the company has a strong management team to take PSC to the next level.”

When PSC was founded in 1995 Tony spent the first 5 years as a billable consultant before turning his focus to the growth and expansion of PSC internationally. He considers that he has now gone full circle and is now back at the start point where his next change is back to being a billable consultant providing governance and leadership advice to company boards and start-ups. PSC is pleased to announce that Tony has accepted another board position and joins the leadership team on the Tekron board.

Tony currently holds board positions in the following Electricity Industry companies: PSC, PBA, Tekron, Cigre Australia.

Going forward, Tony intends to continue helping businesses through board engagements or via targeted assignments. “It is enjoyable advising people on how to run and improve their business, it’s even more rewarding when you witness them benefit from success.” 

In his new board role, Tony’s strong international electricity industry experience will benefit Tekron with their future strategy and business planning.

Tony Armstrong joins the Tekron board Tony Armstrong joins the Tekron board

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